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Regus response to COVID-19

Dedicated ​office ​space ​with ​high-speed ​internet, ​ergonomic ​office ​furniture ​and ​utilities included ​within ​the ​price

​Work ​from ​any ​of ​our ​3.000 ​business ​centres ​worldwide, centrally ​located ​in ​major ​cities ​and ​transport ​hubs.

Why choose a serviced office?

All-inclusive ​pricing

A ​single ​price ​for ​utilities, ​office ​furniture ​and ​facilities.

Scaleable ​workspace

Easily ​increase ​the ​size ​of ​your ​workspace ​as ​your ​business ​grows.
Why choose a serviced office?

What does a serviced office include?

Komplett ​eingerichtet

Serviced ​offices ​are ​supplied ​with ​chairs ​and ​desks ​included ​with ​the ​cost.

Admin ​support

Each ​plan ​includes ​a ​staffed ​reception ​to ​greet ​your ​guests.


Access ​to ​high-speed ​internet ​and ​direct ​telephone ​lines.

Who would benefit from a serviced office?

Small ​businesses

With ​furniture ​and ​utilities ​included, ​serviced ​offices ​can ​be ​cost-effective.

Large ​companies

Use ​as ​a ​swing ​space ​during ​renovations ​and ​office ​moves.

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